I’m a big fan of Scott Wilke Art!breitbart acorn

Artist Scott Wilke blows me away. I kept admiring his portrait of Andrew Breitbart holding the tiny acorn, (remember how Giles/O’Keefe/Breitbart brought down the corrupt A.C.O.R.N. and saved taxpayers millions?) on Facebook…and finally, after a few clicks, found his web … Continue reading

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Iranian Woman Arrested for Diarymuslim nose

I just watched an Iranian Woman on Fox News telling Jenna Lee how she was arrested and jailed simply for writing in her diary. What was she writing that made the government arrest her? Her private thoughts. I have googled … Continue reading

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Hank Williams’ excellent “Country Boy Can Survive” music videohank williams

I want to move into the woods in the “fly over” country, learn to fish, hunt and cook. I want to go to a church with a steeple. I want a Main Street where I can greet my neighbors and … Continue reading

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Obama Has a Fake Social Security NumberS.S.N.

Obama has a fake Social Security number. It was issued from Connecticut in March 1977. He was 15 years old and living in Hawaii during this time. Multiple birthdays are listed for Obama and the S.S. number Obama is using … Continue reading

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Green Beret Explains Socialism in Americagen boykin

A hero, a special forces, Green Beret, Lt. Gen. Boykin explains Socialism in America. A must see video.

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Black Conservative’s Nobama Listwayne dupree

This a great article by a black conservative, Wayne Dupree. He makes a good list of reasons why Obama should not win the 2012 election. http://newsninja2012.com/as-a-black-conservative-heres-why-i-think-barack-obama-doesnt-deserve-a-2nd-term/

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Just like Portia – I “came out”!portia

This week Anderson Cooper admitted publicly that he is a homosexual. In this video, Portia de Rossi explains how difficult it was to hide her secret. (Her sexual preference). I don’t really want to know what anyone is doing in … Continue reading

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Barney Fife and The Constitution! (Must see video)don knotts cop

I LOVE THIS! Sonja Schmidt sent me this on the 4th of July, 2012. This year will decide whether we repeal Obamacare and adhere to our Constitution or throw it away and become a Communist country. In this battle for … Continue reading

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Laus Deo by Joe Dan: A Must See Videojoe dan

Fantastic new video by Joe Dan. Praise be to God. We need you Lord. I visited the Washington Monument the summer before it was “struck by earthquake.” I have a video story at patriotupdate.com where I interviewed the Park Rangers … Continue reading

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Conception to Childbirth Video- Intelligent Designwomb2

Mathemetician, artist, physicist, C.E.O. of TheVisualMD, Alexander Tsiaras is awestruck by the miracle of human life that new technology now gives us the ability to observe in utero. He says, “The complexity is beyond human comprehension.” The word “divinity” keeps … Continue reading

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